Dia de los Muertos

In ancient times, the Aztecs and the Mayans believed that once a year on the Day of the Dead, the souls of the dead returned to their home. And not to let them loose their way home, the Mexicans organized a celebration with a carnival, decorating the paths with bright colors and ribbons, skulls and figurines of dressed-up skeletons. Video slot "Dia de los Muertos" is equipped with all attributes of this unusual holiday and an excellent Mexican temperament. A colorful themed background and a guy with the guitar add fun to the game. Sugar skulls, maracas, pinata, guitar, cactuses and the main symbol of the holiday - Kalavera Katrina - rotate on the reels. And during free spins against the evening twilight background with a lot of lit candles, Katrina will dance her fiery dance and present a reward.