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Our new games

50 Heroes of Argo

Video slot 50 Heroes of Argo offers to become a hero of the famous ancient story and together with the Argonauts on the legendary Argo ship to go in search of the Golden Fleece.

Candy Shop

We present you the sweetest video slot – Candy Shop.

Dia de los Muertos

In ancient times, the Aztecs and the Mayans believed that once a year on the Day of the Dead, the souls of the dead returned to their home.

Gris Gris

Ready to try something new, incredible, and possibly stir the blood? Video slot "Gris Gris" takes you to the world of voodoo witchcraft with its ritual attributes and spells.

Hot & Wet

We would like to introduce you a new video slot Hot & Wet.


Video slot Magellan invites you to take part in a sea expedition and find new lands and treasures.

Samurais Way

Our new video-slot Samurai's Way offers you to visit the land of the rising sun, admire the blossom of Sakura and get acquainted with the life of brave samurai warriors.

Sinbad and the Roc

Have you long wanted to go on an exciting voyage? The main character of the Sinbad and the Roc video slot, the brave handsome pirate Sinbad is ready to become your faithful assistant and guide.

Sizzling Flame 6

Sizzling Flame 6 is a good old “fruit” video slot with a modern design.

Symbols of Druid

Our next video slot Symbols of Druid is dedicated to the ancient Celtic druids.

Timur Ruby

Video slot Timur Ruby is dedicated to the eastern commander Tamerlane, known as Timur The Conqueror.

Tomb Hunter

The new video-slot game Tomb Hunter is dedicated to a very unusual girl - tomb hunter.