Our solutions

We create different products focused on "ease of use" as well as on high income for your business.

Our solutions are based on two key principles:

  • operational stability
  • customization (with it`s a huge ammount of settings helping you tweak our solutions for your unique business needs)

For your cyber cafes we have a perfect land-Based solution. All graphics and animation is located on local computers and the game logic is based on our server.

Another option is to use online-casino. All you need is a computer with an internet browser, so the player can load our website and play there. You take the profit. That`s it!

We use revenue share distribution model for our solutions, so there is no need to pay for the client license or the installation itself.

If you want to become our dealer - we would gladly discuss the terms with you.

You can chose an appropriate solution for your business depending on existing legislation and other specific requirements.

Our specialists are always ready to help and consult you on various installation options.