Sinbad and the Roc

Have you long wanted to go on an exciting voyage? The main character of the Sinbad and the Roc video slot, the brave handsome pirate Sinbad is ready to become your faithful assistant and guide. The design of the game is inspired by the East legends. Against the backdrop of the landscape of the Arab city are located the reels framed by a carved wooden frame. Themed fonts, light Arabic motif and brilliant special effects immerse in the atmosphere of an oriental tale. Game symbols represent: Sinbad himself, an Indian princess, a ship, sharp sabers, a magic book of tales and the mythical bird Roc. As a nice addition to the main game - card rounds and free spins. In general, the Sinbad and the Roc video slot has a lot of opportunities, thanks to which you can have fun and get fabulously rich.