50 Heroes of Argo

Video slot 50 Heroes of Argo offers to become a hero of the famous ancient story and together with the Argonauts on the legendary Argo ship to go in search of the Golden Fleece.


Our colorful slot tells to the player about alchemists- people, dealt with dirty and mysterious things to create gold out of sand, tree or water! We have imagined how the alchemist’s laboratory would look like.

Alchemist II

Our general ideas of slot of alchemist develops here.

Alice in Wonderland

Video slot Alice in Wonderland suggests you to meet all heroes of the most surprising and extra- ordinary fairy tale of Luise Carrol - «Adventures of Alice in the Wonderland».


Wild jungle, inviting by its exotic atmosphere, untouched nature and the treasures of ancient civ- ilizations, turned on the five reels of this classic slot.


Stories that the depths of the sea hides a huge amount of treasure are well known to everyone.

Battle for Galaxy

Slot Battle for Galaxy is a real space adventure, the history of space rangers battle against evil aliens.

Candy Shop

We present you the sweetest video slot – Candy Shop.

Chase The Leader

Unusual on it’s idea and exterior design slot allows the player to feel at the racetrack.


Circus is the place where you can always have fun.

Contra Band

Classic slot Contra Band sends the player to the beginning of the twentieth century.

Dia de los Muertos

In ancient times, the Aztecs and the Mayans believed that once a year on the Day of the Dead, the souls of the dead returned to their home.

Dolphins Harbor

Delfines Harbor es una clásica tragaperras con un tema marino.

Fruits of RA

Welcome to the Ancient Egypt - the land of ancient mysteries, warm sun and juicy fruit.


Among ripe cherries, juicy oranges, sour lemons, sweet plums, grapes and thirst-quenching wa- termelons anyone can be touch the stars in the sky.

Glam Gem

Glam Gem slot offers the player to plunge into the chic world of wealth and sparkling gems.

Gold Dragon

Modern slot on the eastern theme invites the player to the mysterious and alluring China.

Grand Canyon

Cheerful and colorful Grand Canyon slot offers players a walk on the Wild West and make them feel like a real cowboy.

Gris Gris

Ready to try something new, incredible, and possibly stir the blood? Video slot "Gris Gris" takes you to the world of voodoo witchcraft with its ritual attributes and spells.

Guy's Party

Heady cocktails, a huge cake and gorgeous strippers - without these things it is impossible to imagine a real bachelor party.

Holiday Fruits

Fruits also need to have a rest! Sometimes they arrange a vacation and go to a spa.

Hot & Wet

We would like to introduce you a new video slot Hot & Wet.

Iron Armada

Iron Armada is our new slot-game with realistic graphics.

Italian Vacation

Italians know a lot about food.

Juicy Fruits

Fruit juice is the perfect drink: in the cheerful company or pleasure "just right" beautiful wine glasses with liquid unimaginable color with lemon on the rim or dived cherry.


Are you eager to go into the bottomless caverns of Alaska in search of gold along with amusing cartoon characters? Launch our new 3D slot game Klondike, full of intrigue, extreme and unlimited gold! The interface of a game allows you to feel like a real gold-miner.

Knights and Dragons

Knights and Dragons slot invites players into the distant and mysterious Middle Ages, where you can meet the noble knights, princesses, clowns and dragons.

Lady Enchant

In this classic slot we have collected all the charms and amulets that can encourage fortunes - and good luck coins, and four-leaf clover and ladybugs, and a horseshoe, and even a rabbit's foot.

Legends of Babylon

Our slot will take the player to the shore of the Euphrates River, an important economic, political and cultural center of the ancient world, the famous Babylon.

Lucky Lottery

- My dear, where is the lottery? - Grandma, we've got a slot, not a lottery.

Lucky Pirates

Ringing of golden coins, strong rum, adventure and risk - that is the happiness of a true pirate.

Lucky Reels

Classic is always in fashion.

Lucky travel

Classic slot with sea adventures.


Video slot Magellan invites you to take part in a sea expedition and find new lands and treasures.

Magic Forest

Unknown, full of fabulous treasures mysterious forest with its unusual inhabitants is waiting for the player in slot Magic Forest.

Meadow Town

Welcome to the wonderful world of insects.

Music Shop

In our music store the most famous and valuable tools are collected: the first Tchaikovsky piano, trumpet of Dizzy Gillespie, harp of master Erora drums of Keith Moon and other rare items.

Pirates Treasures

Modern slot on the pirate theme.

Russian Tales

Classic slot based on Russian fairy tales and famous Russian cartoon of Alexander Tatarsky "last year's snow was falling".


Colorful and exciting slot invites players to take the jeep and go to the expanse of savannah, to participate in the present safari hunting.

Samurais Way

Our new video-slot Samurai's Way offers you to visit the land of the rising sun, admire the blossom of Sakura and get acquainted with the life of brave samurai warriors.

Sexy & Glamour

Sexy and glamorous! The slot fits each taste.

Sexy & Glamour II

Development of our classic slot about sexual and glamorous babes.

Sinbad and the Roc

Have you long wanted to go on an exciting voyage? The main character of the Sinbad and the Roc video slot, the brave handsome pirate Sinbad is ready to become your faithful assistant and guide.

Sizzling Flame 6

Sizzling Flame 6 is a good old “fruit” video slot with a modern design.


Considered the inventor of the airship Jean Baptiste Meunier.

Space Oddity

Who has never wanted to travel to space and meet an alien? Our new video slot Space Oddity helps you to fill your dream.

Spirits of Aztec

The Aztecs - a popular Indian nation located in central Mexico.


The video-slot Starbeam invites you to contemplate the splendid star sky and get your lucky star.

Sweet Heart

Classic slot about love.

Symbols of Druid

Our next video slot Symbols of Druid is dedicated to the ancient Celtic druids.


A lot of interesting is hidden in taiga forest.

Three Heroes

Classic slot based on the famous Russian epics about the three heroes.

Timur Ruby

Video slot Timur Ruby is dedicated to the eastern commander Tamerlane, known as Timur The Conqueror.

Tomb Hunter

The new video-slot game Tomb Hunter is dedicated to a very unusual girl - tomb hunter.

Treasures of Neptune

In this classic slot we send the player to the bottom of the deepest depression in the ocean.

Trick or Treat

Food or disgusting? Millions of children around the world begging for candy at Halloween.

Wild Age

The Wild Age video-slot takes the players to the millions of years ago, at a time when the giant reptiles reigned the planet.


Classic Video Poker

The implementation of the classic five-card video poker by the rules of "Jacks or Better".

Deuces Wild

The implementation of the classic five-card video poker game in which deuces are wild cards.

Joker Poker

The implementation of the classic five-card video poker game in which there is a joker.

Wild Sevens

The implementation of the classic five-card video poker game in which sevens are jokers.



Baccarat (Baccarat) - is an exciting and popular game all over the world.


Video version of the classic blackjack card game.


Alphabet Roulette

This game is for those who are bored with the usual roulette and the expectation of falling numbers.

American Roulette

Video version of the classic American roulette.

Euro Roulette

Countless television shows classic films and famous people have made roulette not only popular game in the casino, but turned it into one of the most stylish everyday routine of all time.

Luxette Roulette

Video version of the classic European Roulette.

No Zero Roulette

Video version of the classic roulette without symbol "zero".



Lotto (or bingo) became popular among the upper class in Russia under the rule of Catherine the Great, the mention of home games can be found in many writers of the 19th century.

Keno (15 balls)

Keno was created 200 years ago in ancient China.

Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is the closest competitor and analogue of roulette.